Christina van Deventer was born in 1984 in Rustenburg, the Platinum Mining capital of South Africa.

After a brief time studying voice at the Music Conservatoire of the North West University, she moved to Reykjavik, Iceland with her musician-husband, Bragi Thor. While living in Iceland, Christina learned Icelandic from the Reykjavik School of Language, started her own jewelry business, Perlukafarinn ehf, and completed a BA in History from the University of South Africa. In 2008 she also became co-owner of Iceland’s first electric car dealership. Christina has also worked at a playschool, as a freelance ad-designer, at a school-outfitter’s and cleaning toilets at a music school. That last one she’s particularly proud of;-)

In 2011, after an absence of seven years, she and her husband returned to South Africa. It was at this time that Christina decided to pursue a career in writing. Her first book was “published” for a school project when she was just nine. It can be viewed here. In school she was an editor for her school newspaper “Die Klikbek” and poet-extraordinaire at tea-parties and Christmas dinners. She also once won the Young Toastmasters speech competition. Sadly her volume of early work has largely been lost or eaten by imaginary dogs. In 2012 she was once again published, this time by an established publisher of literature. Learn more about her most recent publications here.

When Christina isn’t visiting with the creations of her mind, she enjoys spending time with her family, telling murderous tales to her two huskies (Thor and Odin) and gardening. There is also not a person alive who can beat her at a game of Age of Empires II.

Christina dreams of some day living in a castle, playing recordings of Hildegard von Bingen’s music and eating dinner with golden cutlery while drinking copious amounts of red wine. Copious amounts. Her wardrobe will consist of discarded adventure-movie costumes and she will have a butler named John, who might or might not be her superhero-alter-ego’s sidekick.

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