A Wedding

This morning all the roses in our garden put on their white dresses and came to meet the fairies,
who are holding a wedding party for Mother Nature and The Rain.
The music is provided by the birds,
the food by the bees
and everyone is in good spirits,
even the trees.
Squirrel has started eating, because he just couldn’t wait,
Gecko and Lizard are out on their first date.
Snail is so slow he won’t make it on time,
to miss an occasion like this is surely a crime!
Only one can be jealous of this day
Sun has very rudely been staying away.
Suppose he wasn’t invited?
Or perhaps this proves it, that his love for nature is unrequited.
Millipede prepares his speech: “This wedding was surely fate,”
and everyone puts on their best clothes, they don’t want to be late.
But no one looks more glorious, than beautiful mother nature,
she’s dressed in nothing but green, for the wedding of the year!

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